Basic Website versus Custom Designed Website

sunddip website designBasic marketing websites represent a cookie cutter approach to online marketing.  These sites seemingly exist to serve one purpose; as their name implies, basic marketing websites are structured to generate leads.  How effectively they serve this purpose depends on a number of factors, but they can be an attractive option to business owners who want their marketing goals met in a cost-effective manner.  On the other hand, you have the more expensive custom designed website, which also may or may not be effective in generating leads.  So, what’s the difference between basic marketing sites and custom designed websites, and why would you ever choose the more expensive option?

Let’s start by making one thing clear – the aesthetics of your site are not implicated here.  What does that mean?  It means, making a pretty website is not necessarily challenging or expensive.  Even the simplest website can be constructed to look great, and for clients that manage to find the site, the aesthetics may help to generate a lead.  The main differences between basic marketing sites and custom designed websites goes much deeper.  Custom designed websites are far more specialized when it comes to content, calls to action, value statements, contact forms, and analytics.  Let’s take a closer look.


The content of a custom designed website is highly specialized for your business or service.  It is designed not to draw ANY traffic to your site, but to draw quality traffic.  The content of custom designed sites is helpful to potential customers, and this value keeps traffic engaged with your site.

Calls to Action

Many basic marketing websites overlook the importance of calls to action.  Custom sites are designed to provide multiple calls to action that blend seamlessly with the content of the site.  Ultimately, this gives clients an opportunity to connect with your business or service more effectively.

Value Statements

Sometimes known as value propositions, value statements are those statements that clearly define the advantages your company provides your clients.  They explain who you are and what you do in a compelling manner.  As you’d expect more specialized content on a custom designed website, you should also expect clear value statements.

Contact Forms

Your basic marketing website will provide limited contact information for their business.  A contact form can help generate specific information from a lead while reducing spam at the same time as improving tracking information.  A custom designed website offers contact forms that allow your customers to contact you.  Basic sites often include only an email link or other simple contact option.


Finally, custom designed websites are built to be analyzed.  This allows web developers to track what works and doesn’t work with your site.  How can this information be helpful?  It’s simple, they can fix the problems and build on your strengths.

So, what do all these differences between basic and custom designed websites mean for the business owner?  Why would you allocate the extra money for a custom designed website?  You have probably already guessed – both sites may generate leads, but custom designed websites generate quality leads that are more likely converted into customers.  Focused web design efforts that reflect the uniqueness of your company and vision will always be more successful than a basic marketing website.

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