How Important is a Website to your Business

How Important is a Website to your Business?

In the technologically advancing world that we live in, an online presence is critical to the success of your business.  Gone are the days when customers flip through the yellow pages to find a business that provides the products and services they require.  Instead, we all sit down at our computer or with our smart phones and do an online search to find what we need.  If you don’t have a website, your business is likely to be left behind.  So, how important is a website to your business?  To make a long story short, it’s very important.  But let’s have a closer look at why.

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Affordable Accessibility

Even if you have a physical store or office where you conduct business, a website provides a cost effective way to improve your customers’ access to your business.  In fact, many start-up companies choose to avoid the costs of maintaining a physical address and conduct their business entirely online.  Indeed, with a website, you avoid overhead costs such as rent, heating, electricity, and cleaning as well as reducing insurance costs and incidental costs associated with damage, theft, or other unexpected events.

Additionally, when your business has a website, your customers can reach you any time of any day.  Especially if you operate a consumer site where your customers can shop online, your business is essentially never closed.  Running a 24/7 operation is simple and affordable when you have a website.


Some of us may reject the online world and long for the halcyon days of our youth when you’d spend the day out with the family scouring the city for the perfect whatever-it-may-be.  Hop in your car and go for a drive around town going to every appropriate shop looking for the best deal.  Unfortunately, this is now how people do their business anymore – the convenience of searching online for products and services saves time and money, so the new generation is always looking for quick and easy ways to find what they need.  Having a website improves your visibility and allows you to connect with your customer base more easily.


Another factor you may not consider is that if you don’t have a website, you won’t be taken seriously.  Consumers look online to gather information about different businesses before they invest in a product or service.  Even though websites are not expensive to build and maintain, they give your company extra credibility by providing your customers with detailed information about your business and product or service.

Sales and Marketing

Finally, your website is a powerful marketing tool that can boost your sales.  There is an entire industry dedicated to online marketing which can help boost your sales not only in your local market but nationally and even internationally as well.

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