How Often should you Update your Website?

How Often should you Update your Website?

There are all kinds of websites – personal and professional blogs, ecommerce sites, learning resources, and corporate sites, and all of them should be updated regularly.  Still, how often you should update your website depends on a number of motivators from ensuring up-to-date information to remaining competitive in the marketplace. We’ll discuss some of the main reasons for updating a website so that you can determine the frequency that works best for you.

Updated content is critical to website success with respect to ranking in search engines, engaging your visitors, and ultimately reaching a greater audience.  One of the most important reasons for quality, recent content is it boosts your search engine optimization (SEO).  New content is generally rewarded with improved rankings, particularly if that content comes in longer formats and provides value to site visitors.  A regularly updated website is also crawled and indexed more often meaning your SEO is more likely to benefit from internal linking.

Additionally, if you have an integrated social media presence to promote your site or blog, posting to social media regularly is fundamental to boosting your online presence.  Regular content updates provide you fodder for posting on social media – a win-win situation!

Guests to your site also want to see updated content, which is especially important if you want to compel visitors to return.  Not only will updated content encourage repeat visitors, but it is also likely to encourage new guests to engage with your site – even if only through word of mouth.  Plus, regular updates to your content are a clear sign that your site is active which is necessary in today’s ever-changing tech world.

Tips for Updating Content

Depending on the type of website you operate, the recommend frequency for updating varies.  For pop culture or lifestyle sites, or anything that covers hot or changing topics relevant to a wider audience, even daily updates are insufficient.  In fact, if you’re reporting on trends, you need multiple daily updates – and this will typically be determined by the industry you’re reporting on.  Sports and celebrity updates, for example, need to be especially frequent – you must keep your finger on the pulse.

Industry or commercial websites with a professional blog should be updated daily or multiple times a week.  This will depend somewhat on the product or service you provide, but your website should reflect the progress of your business.  Any new information that would be valuable to your customers can be shared.  Consider updating a corporate blog two to three times per week.

Regardless of the type of website you operate, regular updates are an important step in maintaining relevance and reach.  Fortunately, you outsource your website updates or consult with professional web developers for assistance with keeping your website current.