The Main Reasons your Online Marketing is a Waste of Money

Reasons your Online Marketing is a Waste of MoneyDo you sometimes feel like your online marketing budget is money wasted?  You’re not alone.  Many small business owners lack the insight into online marketing practices to know the difference between good marketing and a waste of money, and this is unfortunate.  Indeed, there are some questionable professionals selling search engine optimization (SEO) as a business boon that is guaranteed to make money, but the reality of SEO is that the success of a campaign requires expert knowledge and effort.  So, what are the main reasons your online marketing strategy is a waste of money that just doesn’t work?  Let’s take a closer look.

Your Target Audience

The main principle of any marketing plan is “know your audience.”  This is not new to online marketing but the consequences are the same – if you aren’t correctly targeting your customers, you’re wasting your money.  So, how do you target your audience?  First, you have to know something about them and then you start with keywords.  You need to know which keywords your target audience are searching.  If you can’t accurately predict which keywords your potential clients are likeliest to search, you cannot effectively implement SEO.  Online marketing professionals make the effort to understand your target audience, their search habits, and their online behaviours.

Choosing and Using the Right Tools

If you needed to cut down a tree, you wouldn’t show up to the job with a sledgehammer.  Choosing the right tools for a job can make the difference between success and failure, and this is true for online marketing as well.  In addition to choosing the right tools, you need to know how to use them.  For example, analytics are an important aspect of developing a successful online marketing campaign, but you need to understand the information you’re getting from your analytics in order to utilize that information appropriately.  It’s also important to understand that as technology changes, the best tools for the job are also going to change.  Once again, professional marketing firms’ expertise can help you navigate which SEO tools are best for your company and your vision.

Quality Content

Finally, the key to successful marketing is providing your audience with quality information.  High bounce rates tell search engines that online visitors aren’t interested in your content and subsequently your search rankings drop.  The only way to solve this problem is to provide consumers with quality content – your landing page needs to be compelling.  A great landing page is the modern day equivalent to that catchy headline that compels readers to buy the paper.  Good content keeps customers interested and as such offers two main benefits – it keeps your potential customer engaged and interested in your company while also helping to improve your search ranking.