What is a Brand Book?

What is a Brand Book

Why is Brand Book Important?

In a competitive marketplace, a compelling brand can be the difference between success and failure.  Some of the world’s biggest companies are propelled by their awesome branding.  In fact, you just need to consider some recent re-branding disasters (think Gap or Tropicana) to get a clear picture of how important your brand can be.   Now consider how much more complex the world of marketing has become.  Back in the day, you’d have some business cards, a print ad or two, and maybe a television commercial to share your brand; but today, there’s social media, television, print, websites, email marketing, product placements, and the list goes on that need to be considered when it comes to your brand image.  So, how do you keep a consistent brand that is true to your company, product or service?

A Brand Book

A brand book is essentially a corporate style guide.  It contains all the rules and features of your brand so you can ensure a consistent marketing message across media platforms and geographic locations for your business.  Within your brand book, you’ll find detailed guidelines or standards that include everything from your brand’s history and vision to values and mission.  Logo design, colour palettes, letterhead design, type (font) styles, and images should all be found in your brand book.

brandbook examples

Depending on the size of your company and marketing outreach, your brand book may include only a few marketing tools.  As your business grows, you can expand your brand book to include a wider range of materials including guidelines for photography, supporting graphics, social media, design layouts, advertisements, signage, merchandising, and even copywriting and editorial style.

But Why?

Why should you have a brand book?  Ultimately, you want to ensure that you create an easily identifiable brand that conveys a consistent image and message so that your customers know who you are no matter where they find you.  It is incredibly important that your brand and the subsequent brand book with guidelines and standards are professionally designed.  Indeed, marketing professionals utilize their expertise to deliver quality graphic design combined with effective messaging so your brand conveys an equally professional image and message.

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Also, it’s important to note that a logo is just one aspect of your brand.  While the logo is often the cornerstone of branding, it should be utilized in specific ways depending on business operations.  There are many elements to an effective brand strategy that begin with a logo but expand to include a wide variety of design and style elements.  Always work with branding professionals to cultivate a brand image that reflects your company, it’s history, future, values, and overall personality.

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