What is the Most Effective Advertising Medium for your Business?

What is the Most Effective Advertising Medium for your Business?

The marketing business can seem like an ethereal beast.

Particularly as technology has changed the way consumers shop for products and services, it has also introduced ever-evolving marketing models that can be difficult to pin down – even for the experts.  So how can you identify what is the most effective advertising medium for your business?  How do you know if your ads are reaching your target audience?

There are distinct problems that arise when you try to answer these questions.  Most business owners are driven by their return on investment, and they want to know that their marketing dollars are increasing their revenue.  Unfortunately, marketing research seems to indicate that there is no direct link between marketing investment and revenue gained.  What you spend and what you earn cannot be easily calculated – a reality that is becoming evident as the marketing landscape becomes more complicated.

Instead, your marketing message seems to be a better predictor of success.  Two companies with similar products may reach the same audience and only one may succeed – not because of their marketing media, but because of the content in their ads.  This becomes evident when you look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the last couple of decades.  Nike’s “Just Do It”, for example is a motto that has entered our lexicon.  Similarly, Nike has become synonymous with fitness and is a world leader in their market.  So, when it comes to your message, what should your goals be?

Your company’s core values and your advertising message absolutely must be linked – your consumers must be able to predict or associate advertising messages with the products and services you provide.  In addition, the message must ring true – making outrageous promises is not going to sell.  Consider your customer and what they want and give them a message that connects their wants with your product or service.

Finally, it’s important that you never underestimate the importance of repetition.  So, when you ask which is the most effective advertising medium for your business, the answer is actually “all of them.”  If you have a good message with an attractive call to action, the more places you can advertise that message, the better.  Billboards, print, television, radio, social media, search engines, and even your own website are all important marketing media.  At the end of the day, you want to spread your message far and wide so that your audience hears it repetitively.

Remember, consumers are bombarded with advertising messages every minute of every day.  It’s difficult to avoid marketing these days, so to succeed you need to have a clear and compelling message that speaks directly and honestly to your audience and it needs to be heard across media.