Why You Should Use a Landing Page instead of a Homepage


Whether you’re promoting a product or service, developing or employing a PPC campaign, utilizing traditional media advertising, or writing guest blogs, there are many excellent reasons to use a landing page instead of a website homepage.  Indeed, depending on your goals, using a landing page rather than a homepage has many benefits – each suited to a particular purpose.  So instead of sending everybody to the same website homepage, consider developing specified landing pages that are focused to the purpose at hand.


Unlike your website homepage, landing pages are designed to improve conversion rates.  These are highly specified pages on your website that speak directly to the interests or needs of a specific audience.  So, while your homepage provides visitors with a higher-level overview of your company, products, and services, you should consider each landing page as an opportunity to direct visitors to a specific call to action.

For example, if you are operating a roofing company and you have a PPC advertisement that offers 20% off roof cleaning services that directs to your homepage, your customers might have difficulty finding the offer that brought them there.  Instead, your PPC ad should direct to a landing page that makes that offer the focus of the page thereby encouraging improved conversions.  In other words, your landing page must deliver on the service offered in your ad – otherwise, customers may get frustrated and navigate way from your site.

Page Testing

Ultimately, you want to convert website visitors into customers and landing pages offer a unique opportunity to test various versions of a page.  Optimizing on your return on investment is not always easy, and you may present various offers or solutions to a customer without immediately knowing which is most compelling.  With landing pages, you can present several versions of content and measure which brings higher conversion rates.  Once you’ve identified the most successful landing page, you can use it permanently or even conduct periodic comparisons with newer versions.  This allows you to tweak your landing page over time to continually improve conversion rates. More on landing page optimization here.


Your website homepage is important, but it is not particularly focused because it presents so much information about your company and the products and services you offer.  This means your homepage can actually present too many distractions, whereas landing pages are highly focused and distraction free.  In fact, most content management systems are designed so that you can incorporate a variety of details on your homepage, and it can be difficult to remove distractions such as image sliders, navigation bars, teasers, and blog sections.  Landing pages allow you to wade through these distractions and present only the most relevant information for new visitors to your site.