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Animation in Web Design

Animation is a functional and aesthetic trend that is making waves in web design this year.

When utilized effectively, animation can elevate the user’s experience while also making the web interface easier to navigate.  Many new pages feature animation, whether for minor aesthetic nuances or major user interactions.  Moreover, as web design becomes more sophisticated, tools for animation have also become much more user friendly.  Even casual web designers can implement animation and this has led to some very interesting uses for animation in web design.

animation apple menu

Animation Apple Menu

Examples of Animation

As mentioned, animation may serve a purely aesthetic purpose on your website.  For example, a user may hover over a key word to see an animation of a product or service.  Icons may come alive when you hover your mouse over them, or products may fly across your screen when you add them to your cart.  None of these types of animations are going to have much of a direct impact on your bottom line, except that they help your website stand out from competitors.  Users will enjoy visiting your site and experiencing the interactive joys of animation.

animation fleet feet

Animation fleet feet

Alternatively, some animations may be central to your business and marketing.  For example, your animations may be central to illustrating a product or service, highlight product benefits or virtues, or even provide a tutorial for how a product works.

Ultimately, animations can be used in a variety of ways to make your website more dynamic, attractive, and appealing for users so that they’re more likely to visit your page, recommend you to friends, and hopefully buy your products or services.

From Static to Dynamic

Among the most exciting aspects of animation in web design is its ability to transform a once static platform into a truly dynamic, interactive space for companies and their customers.  Soon, the days of clicking and scrolling pages will be long behind us and the days of animation are likely to take their place.

Animation invision

Animation invision

Browsers and the devices we use are becoming exceptionally powerful and becoming more powerful by the day.  In the next few years, expect web design to revitalize marketing principles as we know them.  We’ll have new and more exciting ways to show clients products, and though we have a sense of what animation can do, we’re really just getting started with this revolutionary design element.

If you’re thinking of ways to bring your company and its website into the 21st century, animation in web design might be the answer.  Websites that feature animation are sophisticated and progressive and implementing this design strategy will make your website pop.   Plus, animations make your website fun and engaging – the more time visitors spend navigating your site, the more likely they will become your customers. Read this great post from  Nathan Huening about Animation in Web Design.

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