Combining Organic SEO and AdWords into the Marketing Mix

perfect marketing mix

Perfect Marketing Mix

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important for attracting new visitors to your website, but sometimes it is simply not enough.  Sure, highly effective SEO offers a range of benefits including increasing backlinks, improved conversion rates, and ultimately more profitable search traffic, but pay per click (PPC) advertising can also be a successful means of making your website a more effective marketing tool.  Indeed, even a top search ranking is going to lose some clicks to advertised links, so how can you combine organic SEO and AdWords to get the most from your online marketing?

The Future is Now

Ultimately, we need to look at an SEO campaign as a long-term strategy that will hopefully ensure long-term results.  But in the short term, we want to get visitors to your website.  Every SEO expert with even the slightest degree of integrity will tell you that your SEO strategy will not garner immediate results.  On the other hand, Google AdWords (the most popular PPC advertising on the net) can bring traffic to a new or developing site immediately.  Not only is PPC with AdWords a solution for now, it is also a predictable solution that can be very cost effective.

Targeting Existing Customers

how remarketing works

How Remarketing Works

Even if you’ve already got a successful SEO strategy implemented and your search rankings are very high, there is added value in an AdWords PPC campaign that targets existing customers.  In the world of marketing, experts know that targeting your existing customers can provide much higher conversion rates than broad campaigns aimed at reaching new and old customers alike.

Moreover, with Google AdWords, you have a lot of control over how and when your advertisement will be seen.  Indeed, you can limit the number of times a user will see your ad each day so you can be sure not to overwhelm your clients with your ads.  You can even target your ads to visitors who haven’t converted yet by excluding visitors that have already visited certain pages on your site.  For example, if your site directs to a “Thank You” page after a sale, you can exclude visitors to this page from seeing ads.

Increase your Real Estate

Ok, so we’re talking about online real estate…in the form of space taken up on a search engine result page, but really we’re talking about visibility.  You may have already perfected your SEO strategy and you own the top result on a Google search, but what if you increased your visibility by also owning an ad?  Essentially, you’d be in the top spot twice and visitors will be more likely to navigate to your page.  In fact, combining your top search ranking with Google AdWords increases the credibility of both the search result and the ad.

As you can see, strategically combining SEO and AdWords can have a very positive impact not only on traffic for your site but your conversion rates as well.  Whether you’re looking for ways to get immediate results or you want to make the most of your current SEO strategy, consider including AdWords in your marketing mix.

seo+ppc=Web Leads

SEO + PPC = Web Leads