Common Mistakes by Novice Web Developers


Pop-up Example

If you’re new to the world of web development, you’ve likely experienced your share of frustrations.  Still, apart from the mechanics of web design, there are a lot of design mistakes that beginner web developers make.  Let’s look at the most common mistakes by novice web developers and how you can avoid them.

Intrusive Pop-Ups

Have you ever navigated to a website to read an interesting article and just as you’re engaged an annoying pop-up or modal appears?  These are large windows that appear and cover the majority of the content that drew you to the site in the first place.  In many cases, these pop-ups and modals contain some kind of call-to-action, but users are often off-put by pop-ups and may navigate away from the site.  If you’re developing a new website, try to avoid these annoying messages so your user can enjoy visiting your site.  Let your own content and design guide your visitor’s actions, and make sure not to compromise their experience with modal windows except in very specific circumstances.

Modal windows can be used whenever visitors have not provided adequate information on a form, or if their purchase is not complete.  If a user tries to navigate away from your window, modals and pop-ups might be a good choice if you want to encourage them to stay or to provide them with a special offer.

Excessive Text

The content on your site is very important for a number of different reasons.  Not only does content often define search rankings, but quality content provides visitors with useful information that is easy to absorb.  Walls of text on your site can be overwhelming to a visitor, so always try to include a mixture of media that makes your site more engaging and therefore enticing to visitors.  Text, images, video, and other multimedia should be employed together to create a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

Claustrophobic Design

Ok sure, we’re talking about websites rather than real world spaces, but it’s still possible to give your website a claustrophobic feel.  If you need to fill every space on your website with content, you are probably creating a site that has no space.  You run the risk of overwhelming visitors with information while also limiting the visual flow of your site.  Sometimes added space around different elements can actually make your site more user-friendly.  Filling every nook and cranny with elements creates a cluttered mess that internet users find distracting.  Quality content with a clear message and branding helps create a site that is easy to navigate and understand – so don’t be afraid of a little space.

Keep it Simple

Probably the best approach for web designers (experienced and new) is to keep things simple.  Choose appealing elements and highly focused content to create a visually attractive website that is easy to use.


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