Designing Your First Website – Who Should You Hire?

When looking into companies that offer web design in vancouver, typically one of the first comparison tools used by the first time customer is price. Cheap web design is cheap for a reason – it takes time, skill and effort to design a great site – and a cheaply designed site is very unlikely to add value to your business. While you may be tempted to rein in costs when it comes to choosing a web design solution, it will pay you time and time again to consider how much business is derived from online marketing, especially with the widespread use of mobile devices today.


There are many benefits to a professionally built website that you simply will not get from a cheap service, such as technical expertise, the ability to be found via search engines, elegant site design that is easily navigable, increased site traffic, and the possibility of growth and subsequent website updates. All these benefits save you time and frustration, giving you the ability to focus on the success of your business, rather than your website.

To ensure the creation of a successful web presence that is not only a virtual business card, but a marketing tool, make sure you choose a professional web designer who is well versed in the following areas:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Once you choose who you want to design your web presence from companies who offer web design in vancover BC, ensure the designer is familiar with methods of search engine optimization. SEO is how your website is found, read and cataloged by search engines so that when a potential client types relevant keywords into a search engine, such as “real estate + Vancouver”, your company’s website is found. The higher up you are on the search engine list that is populated, the more likely your website is to be visited by potential customers. This seemingly simple part of web design can make or break its success. It is important that the company you choose for web design is skilled in search engine optimization.

The sales funnel

The sales funnel concept turns your website from an online business card into a marketing tool. In short, it brings potential customers back to your site over and over again, increasing your company’s exposure. It accomplishes this with:

  • Links on your site to social media sites.
  • Blogs or informational posts that are updated at least every few weeks.
  • Emails subscription services so that your clients can receive tips or information as offered by you or requested by them.

Page architecture

When choosing web design company, seek out someone well versed in page architecture. Page architecture is how your web content is organized and presented. What does your site look like? How many pages are there and how are they organized? What information is on your home page? What do you save for subsequent pages? Navigation is important so customers can access what they are looking for quickly and easily. Click depth, or how many times you have to click the mouse to get to the content you seek, can drive many users away from poorly designed sites. You also want to make sure your pages aren’t so overloaded with graphics a potential customer has the time to fix themselves a cup of coffee before your page downloads. Many things have to be taken into consideration – technical, aesthetic and functional – so that the final design works well for your business.


Do you momentarily blind potential customers with loads of fluorescent yellow type on a black background? Do you make them sit through a three minute flash presentation before admitting them? When designing your website ensure it contains the following:

  • Pertinent information that is up-to-date.
  • Page architecture that is easy to navigate so the customer does not have to go on a scavenger hunt to find information.
  • Information that is clear, to the point and not overdone with sales lingo.
  • Design that is neither too simple nor too over-the-top.

A well tested operation so that your designer, not your customers, find and solve potential issues.

Great content

Many times a customer’s first impression of your company is the one they get after visiting your website. You often cannot tell the difference between a big company and a small one based on their web presence. Don’t ruin your chance to make a good first impression on potential customers. An unprofessional website that looks like it was developed by a two year old won’t do much for your web presence or your business. When choosing among providers of web design services, be sure to look at samples of work they have done for other business so you know you have hired a designer who is skilled at helping you provide your site with great content.


Look closely at the benefits of working with a professional company that provides web design services before you make your decision. Companies with bargain basement prices often go out of business, requiring you to seek out a more reputable company for site upkeep and making you wish you had invested in a professional in the first place. The bottom line of choosing among companies offering web design and development is simply the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” Treat your website like the important part of your business that it is. Set your business up for success by investing in a professional web design company with high quality work and a great reputation.


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