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Your search engine ranking is based on many factors, not the least of which is the number of quality links that direct to your site.  Google relies partially on PageRank to determine the value of your page based on the number of incoming links from other websites.  More links from a site tell Google that your site is of high quality.

There are many ways to get links to your site, and Google wants to be sure that these are quality links; in other words, they can’t be derived through linking schemes such as paid links or other techniques that violate Google guidelines.

If you or your search engine optimization (SEO) firm has discovered many low-quality links, they want to remove them.  Still, sometimes it proves very difficult to get spammy links taken down, which is why Google introduced the disavow tool.  So what do you need to know about the disavow tool and how you can use it to benefit your website?

Disavowed Links and Webmaster Tools

Many website owners are confused when they continue to see disavowed links in their webmaster tools.  Don’t fear!  Even though your disavowed links are still visible in Webmaster tools, Google crawlers add a nofollow tag to these links so they will not negatively impact your PageRank.

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Disavow File Sizes are Limited

Google has limited disavow files to a maximum size of 2 megabytes.  Still, this limit is essentially 1000 full pages of text, so even the largest disavow files will not reach this limit.

Disavow File Comments are for Your Eyes Only

Google’s webspam team doesn’t actually read the comments in your disavow file.  Though there is space to make comments, these are meant to be for your own use.  The disavow comments should be used to help you understand our own disavow file.  Comments can be used to classify the types of links in your disavow file.  For example, you might want to label links that you could not remove or links from sites that could not be evaluated for one reason or another.

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Disavow links – choose file

Restore Disavowed Links

Sometimes it happens – you disavow a link in error.  Fortunately, it is possible to restore disavowed links by removing the link from your disavow file and then replacing the file.  Still, if Google considers the restored link a bad link, it could negatively impact your PageRank and you may be penalized.  Always take care to ensure the quality of links to your site.

Disavowed Links Don’t Impact the Linking Site

Some webmasters are concerned that if links from their site are disavowed, this will negatively impact their own site.  As of yet, this is not true.  Currently, Google does not use disavowed link data to evaluate the quality of the linking site simply because there are many reasons a link could be disavowed.

The disavow tool can be tricky to implement effectively, so you should always take care or work with an SEO professionals to ensure quality links to your site.