Getting Results From Your Website Redesign

If you’re planning a website redesign, you probably have your heart set on improved search rankings and higher conversion rates.  Indeed, these factors are among the most important indicators of a website’s success, but they’re not guaranteed just because you’re undergoing a redesign.  If you really want to get results from your website redesign, you need to have clear goals and a focused vision before you start.  Not only will you be more likely go see improved search rankings and conversion rates, but a clear vision will help keep your website redesign project smooth and on track.  So let’s talk about some tips for getting results by redesigning your website.

Kingsgate Mall web design

Kingsgate Mall Web Site

Understand your Current Site

Before scrapping your site and building a new one, you need to have a solid understanding about what does and doesn’t work on your current site.  Using Google Analytics or a similar tool, you should get a benchmark of the following metrics:

  • Monthly average of visitors and unique visitors.
  • Monthly average of your bounce rate.
  • Time visitors spend on your site.
  • Your best performing keywords (with respect to traffic, lead generation, and rank).
  • Monthly number of new leads.
  • Monthly number of form submissions.
  • Sales generated.
  • Number of pages indexed.
  • Number of pages generating traffic.
  • Number of inbound linking domains.

By carefully tracking these web analytics metrics, you’ll be able to compare your new site with your old site and make tweaks to improve your overall performance in the future.

Know your Customers

As much as you think your website is a reflection of your company, you’re wrong.  It should actually be a reflection of your customers.  Before you conduct a website redesign, you should know who your customers are – what are their habits and interests?  How can you help them get what they need?  How can your website engage visitors and encourage conversion.  Ideally, your redesign project should stem from a customer-focused strategy.

Set Goals

Now that you know how your current site is performing and a bit about your customer, you can start to set some goals for your redesign.  A website redesign is a great project for improving not only how your website looks but also how it performs for your company.  From the above metrics, you should be able to set specific goals such as increasing traffic, reducing your bounce rate, or enhancing your search rankings for particular keywords.  Additionally, you should set goals with respect to aligning your branding and content with your target audience and their needs. Make sure you have digital marketing strategy in place before you start.

Protect your Assets

Finally, during your review of your website, you have probably identified some pages that are working really well for your website.  If you have highly search engine optimized (SEO) pages that help your search rankings or draw traffic, you want to protect them.  Create a 301 redirect strategy so that you can retain traffic and link value associated with strong pages.

As you can clearly see, a website redesign is about much more than appearance.  If you have questions or concerns about how to most effectively redesign your website, you should consider speaking with an expert on the topic.  However you choose to proceed, just remember that your redesign should be focused and based on a clear understanding of your current site’s metrics as well as your target audience.

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