Hire a Consultant or Do In-House Marketing?

Hire a Consultant or Do In-House Marketing?

Not sure where your company’s marketing budget is goes? Perhaps it is time to rethink your strategy and decide what is more efficient, hire a consultant or do in-house marketing?

There’s a very easy answer to this question, but let’s consider an abstract metaphor first.  Imagine your house is on fire.  Do you call the fire department, or do you grab the neighbour’s hose and take care of business yourself?  Surely, this is a stark comparison, but many business owners fail to understand the importance of marketing for their business success and growth.  So what are the benefits of hiring a marketing consultant?

Expertise…and More

Your marketing consultant brings the skills and experience to deliver effective, measurable marketing goals and strategies.  More importantly, your consultant likely works with an array of industry professionals that work together to deliver the best marketing tools available.  From content writers and search engine optimization specialist to social media gurus and web design experts, your marketing consultant puts you in touch with the best people to make your online marketing campaign a success.  On the other hand, if you rely on in-house marketing, do you access this breadth of expertise?  Even if you do access this expertise, ask yourself, what does it cost?

Speaking of Cost

So, you prefer to take the in-house marketing route because you think it will help keep your costs down.  Let’s take a moment to think about this.  A marketing team is not just one person.  As a bare minimum, you’ll need to work with a digital marketing manager (average salary – $70,000/year), web designer ($45,000), social media manager ($45,000), search engine optimization specialist ($60,000), content writer ($60,000), and graphic designer ($54,000).  Your annual costs for an in-house marketing team are easily upwards of $250,000 per year, and that’s just for salary.  You’ll also have to factor in costs for office space and equipment, specialty tools and software, and likely benefits too.  On the other hand, a marketing consultant can provide you with all this expertise at a fixed cost that matches your budget because you’ll basically share these costs with the consultant’s entire portfolio of clients.


Many business owners also fail to consider the importance of marketing technology.  The tools and strategies of online marketing are changing as quickly as tech equipment.  Accessing the most recent technologies helps you improve the efficiency, productivity, and performance of your online marketing campaign.  As experts in the field, marketing consultants are already at the forefront of their trade’s technology, and they’ll put it to work for your business.


Finally, by working with a marketing consultant, you get more flexibility from your marketing approach.  If you want to upscale your marketing efforts or go in a new direction, your consultant will respond.  With an in-house marketing team, the only way to grow your efforts is to grow your team; whereas, marketing consultancy firms have on hand an expansive team that can act at any moment to help you achieve more from your marketing campaign.

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