How Much Does A Website Cost in Vancouver?

If you are in business today, you know the value of a well-built, optimized web site. Often your web site is the first place a potential customer will get to know you—it’s the “face” of your company. That means it has to be both inviting and functional.

Most Vancouver web design agencies will tell you that you have 3 seconds to retain a customer’s attention so there should be no friction or barriers to navigating your website.

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A good website is priceless—yet as a savvy business person you are sure to wonder how much a good website costs in today’s market.

How much should you invest in getting your online presence up to speed?

If you were to survey five Vancouver web design professionals you would probably get five very different price quotes—it could range from several thousand dollars to over ten thousand depending on the scope of work you need done.

Before you get a fair estimation you will have to spend, you should really know the scope of what you need done:

  • Do you need a light redesign?
  • Do you need heavy optimization?
  • Or, do you need to build your website from the ground up?

All of these would factor into how any Vancouver web design professional or agency would quote the project for you.

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Below are some tips to help you understand how much a small business should actually consider paying for an average business website (up to 20 pages of content maximum with basic content management tools included.)

Average price for small business website components

The prices quoted below are an average of costs based on a quick survey of Vancouver web design professionals, and costs might change based on your customized needs.

  • Your website domain name: up to $15 per year
  • Website hosting services: up to $200 per year based on traffic to your site
  • Design and development: at least 60-70 hours
  • Maintenance:  $500 average, based on updates required
  • Website promotion and marketing: $800 +

As mentioned earlier, the scope of your needs would go into play and could impact how much any Vancouver web design agency would charge you. Things you should consider to keep the website development costs down as much as possible:

  • Be prepared from the start—have a well-done detailed requirement document that spells out your website goals.
  • Consider if you want a blog attached to your site—it costs more but is very important to attracting people to your website through search. (A blog can also give your site more personality and make it feel more human.)
  • Do you need graphics designed by a Vancouver web design professional or do they already exist?
  • Do you service mobile customers? You should, and your site should be designed for mobile.
  • What are your multi-media needs? Do you have videos or flash animations you want to incorporate into the site to increase engagement?
  • What about content? Do you need it created by a Vancouver web design copywriter (the answer is probably yes.)
  • Will you maintain your website yourself of have an outside Vancouver web design agency do it for you?

The cost to build your site really does depend on the above needs and goals, so truly thing through what your business needs to be most effective on the Internet. Look at your competition and see what they are doing on their websites.

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To stay competitive you will want to be offering the same functionality or even more on your company’s site. Websites matter more than ever and having a Vancouver web design agency design one for you is a smart investment.