Is WordPress Good for SEO

As any web design company worth their salt will tell you, if you’re looking for quick, easy and reliable SEO results, WordPress fires on all three of those cylinders simultaneously.  Because of the internal design structure of WordPress websites, your SEO practices are further optimized by the platform itself.  And because WordPress sites are so easy to operate, you don’t have to be a computer genius to get the SEO results that your business deserves.

The WordPress SEO Transformation

Of course, this wasn’t always the case.  WordPress used to be primarily known as a site meant for bloggers, not small- and medium-business owners trying to increase their marketing ROI.  But now, WordPress has established themselves as a reliable SEO source as a CMS thanks to their internal structuring.  Plus, since they didn’t over-complicate the technical side of the day-to-day operations, WordPress is still an excellent platform for those that aren’t necessarily tech-savvy.

The main selling point for WordPress SEO comes from the fact that as you update your site, WordPress automatically alerts Google search engines meaning that the fresher your content, the higher up in the search engine result pages (SERPs) you rank.  This leads to increased visibility, higher traffic and ultimately, more conversions – something any web design expert can tell you is not an easy task to otherwise accomplish on your own.

The Advantages of Using WordPress for SEO

There are many other reasons why WordPress is great for SEO purposes.

  • Simplify and Customize Your Meta Data.  You can use the clean code default templates with to individually customize each one of your site’s pages.  From blogs to forms to landing pages, you’re able to make singular title tags as well as optimize your URLs and meta tags with keywords that are unique to each page.  This further increases your keyword diversification for broader results.
  • Fast Speed Equals Top Results.  One aspect of search engine algorithms that any Vancouver web design specialist will tell you is that speed matters.  Since WordPress sites are super-fast, they will always rank higher than a site which is hosted on slow servers.  Bottom line – WordPress speed bursts you to the top of the SERPs.
  • Simple Framework Means Easier Crawls.  You don’t have to be a Vancouver web design expert to understand that a cleaner internal framework and page design makes it easier for websites to be “crawled” by search engines.  This means that with WordPress , search engines will be able to scan through your site more quickly and accurately, boosting your rank even higher (even computers like easy work and reward it as such!).
  • SEO Plug-Ins Make WordPress Even More SEO Friendly.  And as if that wasn’t enough, there are many wonderful plug-ins for WordPress sites that can boost your site’s functionality and ranking in one fell swoop.  This means that not only will your customers have a better viewing and shopping experience (leading to higher ROIs and conversion rates), but your SEO rankings will take a boost as well.

Do I Need a Vancouver Web Design Firm for my WordPress Site?

Finally, one of the best things about development website with WordPress is that for the most part, you can do it all on your own with just minimal time and effort.  Of course, getting up and running will always be better with a professional helping hand, but that really is up to the amount of time, dedication and money you’d like to put into the site.  As with anything, the more attention to detail you pay into a website, the more returns you’re going to get out of your WordPress site.