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Best Quality Roofing

In a remarkable testament to the power of digital marketing, a local roofing company in Vancouver has seen a significant transformation in their business. Through the strategic use of digital marketing techniques, they were able to triple their sales and exponentially increase their website traffic.

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Best Quality Roofing


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Best Quality Roofing faced significant challenges in establishing a strong online presence. Their ranking on search engines was subpar, making it difficult for local customers to find them.

Their existing website, hosted on Yellow Pages, lacked optimization and wasn't ready for a full-fledged marketing campaign. The absence of a conversion tracking system compounded these issues as it inhibited their ability to monitor website traffic and gather valuable data.


Our approach to their unique situation involved enhancing their Google ranking and optimizing their website. To kick things off, we implemented Initial Search Engine Optimization, specifically tailored local target audience.

Subsequently, we implemented a cross-channel conversion system that allowed them to view their results and identify the most effective traffic sources via Google Analytics.  We strategically concentrated their marketing efforts within the Lower Mainland.

Google Ads campaigns were set to generate leads. Given the high ad bidding nature of their industry, we opted for long-tail keywords to attract high-quality traffic with higher chances of conversions. Moreover, we closely monitored their phone calls, providing insightful feedback and crafting strategies to bolster their sales performance.  Company registered with Google guaranteed program to attract potential customers in Squamish, Okanagan and Lower Mainland.

 In the end, we concentrated our efforts on the strategic deployment of social media advertisements. We leveraged platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which are considered some of the best platforms for advertising in 2023.

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Thanks to a robust digital marketing strategy that incorporated search engine optimization (SEO) and strategic Google Ads campaigns, Best Quality Roofing has successfully achieved high rankings on search engines for many of their key phrases. This strategic approach has made it easier for individuals seeking roofing services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to discover and engage with Best Quality Roofing online.

Over the past few years, the company has experienced significant growth and has expanded its services to additional regions like Whistler and Okanagan. These expansions have been facilitated by an effective digital marketing strategy which has become a cornerstone of Best Quality Roofing’s overall marketing plan.

As we move into 2024, Best Quality Roofing continues to leverage digital marketing strategies tailored specifically for the roofing industry. These strategies range from optimizing the company’s website for user experience, managing online reviews and reputation, publishing premium level content, and performing extensive keyword research.

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