Switching SEO Agencies: Important Considerations

Switching SEO Agencies

Looking to switch SEO Agency? This post might save your problems in the future.

It seems like SEO agencies are a dime a dozen nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal.  If you’ve grown dissatisfied with your SEO firm and you’ve decided to make a switch, there are a number of important considerations that need to be made.  Whether or not you’ve already shortlisted potential SEO firms, you should proceed with caution.  Transitioning from one SEO expert to another can be a complicated process, and there are a number of critical steps that need to be taken.

Access to your website and Webmaster tools

From analytics and Google Webmaster tools to FTP/CMS access, you need to be careful to maintain and protect access to your site and all associated tools.  For example, once you’ve decided to take your business to a new SEO firm, you’ll need to log into your analytics account and remove access from your previous SEO provider.  Analytics data can provide important insight into your industry and SEO, and you want to protect your interests against your competition.

Similarly, with respect to Google Webmaster tools and FTP or CMS access, you need to ensure that you block access to your former SEO firm.  Once you’ve terminated your contract with an SEO firm, there’s no need for them to access your Webmaster tools or FTP/CMS.  Ultimately, ethical SEO companies would not abuse unrestricted access to your analytics, Webmaster tools, or FTP/CMS, but as the business owner, you should take all necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Ranking reports

Before you terminate your association with your current SEO firm, make sure to get a copy of baseline and recent ranking reports.  These reports can be critical in measuring the performance of your online marketing campaign.  Your new SEO firm may also want to review these reports so they can better tailor their campaign to your business and its marketing history.

Similarly, you should try to get a list of your targeted keywords.  On-page and off-page targeted keywords are the backbone of your SEO campaign; while your new firm will likely provide you with a new list of targeted keywords, your current list can provide important insight into the successes and failures of your SEO campaign.

Inbound Links

Another important consideration you should make before switching SEO agencies is your current link development strategy.  Which techniques and venues did your current SEO firm utilize to develop links for your website?  There are a number of common link development strategies such as directory submission, article submission, link exchange, or even purchasing links – some of these techniques adhere to Google guidelines, and some do not.  If your SEO firm purchased links, for example, your new firm needs to know so they can avoid Google penalties.

Transfer Domains

Finally, before you end your SEO contract, you must make sure to transfer all domains.  This will ensure to maintain the integrity of your company’s online presence.