The Benefits of Investing in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been an important marketing principle since the dawn of search engines.  But why?  Well, search engines such as Google rely on complicated algorithms to help online users find the information they’re looking for quickly.  There are many conditions a website must meet to rank highly in search results, but what many website owners aren’t aware of is that these conditions change almost daily.  As such, SEO becomes critical in maintaining your online presence and essentially your brand image.  So what are the main benefits of investing in search engine optimization?


SEO Works

If you employ a qualified SEO professional and you’re reasonable with your expectations, SEO works.  Techniques used by professionals to improve your search ranking using time-tested SEO techniques have been proven time and time again through analytics.

SEO is Here to Stay

SEO worked yesterday, it works today, and it will work tomorrow.  There simply has to be a way for search engines to translate our search terms into meaningful results and SEO specialists are always staying at the forefront of internet marketing learning how to tweak web design to improve search rankings. SEO will never die!

SEO is Cost Effective

In the grand scheme of marketing and branding programs, SEO is very cost-effective.  Compared to pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, or lead purchasing for email marketing, SEO shows strong performance with respect to return on investment.

Improved Market Share

Gone are the days of flipping through the yellow pages to find a local business.  Today, almost 90% of consumers check online for products and services, as well as reviews of those services before making a purchase.  In the very near future, closer to 100% of users will be online and you want them to be able to find your business.  Organic SEO practices help your customers find you so you can make a sale.

Local Search

With increased mobile device usage, search engines are increasingly local with their results.  As of 2015, the amount of traffic on mobile devices is expected to exceed traffic on traditional desktop devices.  Your website needs to use SEO to attract a local audience and there are many new techniques professionals use for local search optimization.

Algorithms are Changing

Yes, there are time-tested standard techniques for SEO that help improve your search ranking, but algorithms are always changing.  Google and other search engines now look at social media indicators, local profiles, site content, and other factors that may have been less important or non-existent search factors in the past.  Your SEO expert keeps on top of algorithm changes and constantly updates your site’s SEO.

Your Competitors are Doing SEO

SEO is a constantly evolving process that never really ends and the vast majority of successful websites rely on a solid SEO campaign for reaching new and current customers.  Don’t give your competitors a market advantage by abandoning such a simple and effective tool as SEO.