Top Reasons You Should Fire Your Web Designer

When running a business, you don’t always have the knowledge or time for website design even though you know having a website is necessary. Not all designers are equal, however, and there comes a time when you must decide if yours is worth keeping or if it is time to fire your current designer and look for another one. Read on for signs it is time to look for a different person to take over.

Your website is ugly

  • Your designer thinks orange and purple makes a great combination
  • Pages look cluttered and there is no reason to the flow of ideas.
  • There is an inconsistency of design from one page to the next.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a website that assaults your senses the moment it is opened is going to assault the senses of any potential customers. Website design should highlight the pages content, not be the focus.

Pricing seems too good to be true

A person who sets his prices well below the competition may be doing so because of lack of experience. This does not always indicate a person’s work will be poor quality, but in many cases that is exactly what it indicates. Trying to save a few dollars may have you facing a website that looks amateurish.

Website design is not as easy as it might appear. A good designer knows the worth of what he is doing and will set his prices to reflect that. A designer who does not value the work he does will not value doing well at it.

Updates are not happening

People need a reason to keep returning to a website. Good designers will instruct clients on how to navigate the dashboard enough to make updates themselves or will be ready to update the site as often as required. If your website design is too complicated for you to understand how to update and your designer delays making the updates you request, it is time to look for someone else.

Sometimes an update is time-sensitive and you need to know that you will be able to reach your customers with the necessary information in time. This is related to building trust. If a customer can’t trust they are getting up-to-date information, they question what else may be missing in the relationship.

Essential components are missing

While every business has different needs in a website design, there are certain elements that are considered essential. If your website designer left out such things as a direct call to action, contact information or the “about us” section, there is definitely a need to look elsewhere for someone who has the at least basic knowledge of what needs to be included.

Poor spelling and grammar

If reading your content makes a visitor feel like a first grader wrote it, they are going to quickly leave and not return. First graders may be nice, but nobody wants to do business with them. There are numerous programs, many of them free, available to check spelling and grammar. If the person who did your website design didn’t bother checking, then you need to search elsewhere.

These are the five major clues a new website designer is needed. Your business success may depend heavily on web traffic and orders and you do not want to lose sales over something as easily fixed as poor website design.


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