What Font Should I Use For My Website

For green website designers, choosing a font for your website may seem like a daunting task. After all, you have but three seconds to make your point before a visitor clicks off your page. If your font is not in agreement with both your message and your product, you will have surrendered a lead to a lack of planning, and nobody wants that. Here are five things to consider with respect to choosing and using your fonts for your web design ideas.

fonts for website

Think it Over, Don’t Overthink It

Many individuals seek to set themselves apart from the competition by choosing a font that expresses who they are. The inherent pitfall in this approach is that not everyone is apt to share your history. Instead of focusing on individuality, consider the type of your product, and the fonts that your consumers would expect to find it paired with. Your objective is to reach a large audience. The more you personalize your website, the tighter your margin will become.

Don’t Mix Apples and Oranges

The header and the body should be distinguished from one another with different fonts. Bear in mind, however, that the font that you choose for the header will be more pronounced because it will be larger. Unless the text in the body of the piece is too weak to create a balance between the two, keep your fonts in the same family. Strikingly similar fonts are always more readily received than strikingly different ones.

Contrast is King

It may not be wise to mix apples and oranges, but there are different kinds of both. Just as the males in a given group have brighter colors than females, different fonts in different families have higher levels of distinction than others. When presenting a customer review, keep the font in the chosen family but ensure that it bears a striking contrast to the font of the body of the text. Customer reviews can really boost your chances of driving home a sale. Ensure that they stand out from the rest of the group.

Less is More

When choosing your web fonts, try not to choose too many. Three fonts in the same family should do the trick. Headers in fonts that stand out from those in the body of the page should be short and sweet. Anything longer than a few words can throw off the balance of contrast with a medium-length paragraph. Bear in mind that it’s much more difficult to read off a computer screen than it to scan text in a book, so keep your blocks as short as possible. A short block with a long header looks unprofessional and inhibits readability.

Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is that with respect to using fonts for your web design ideas, there really are no rules, just guidelines. Just remember to keep families with families, use contrast, keep your headers short and your text blocks informative. Beyond that, there is a world of room for creative license with which to shape your web design ideas. This is where you will be able to personalize your website. Satisfy the itch within this margin.