Which Content Management System is Right for You?

Which Content Management System is Right for You?

Wondering Which Content Management System is Right for Your Website?

Choosing the right content management system is more important than you realize.  It’s the driving force behind your site – it provides you with the tools you need to keep your site relevant as online users’ needs and wants change as technology advances.  In fact, many businesses find after time that their content management systems can’t keep pace with their own growth, but since it’s not easy to just switch to a new content management system; it’s especially important to make the right choice for your business.  So, how do you know which content management system is right for you?

Involve your Team

First and foremost, it’s important to involve your team in the choice of content management systems.  What does this mean?  Your IT, marketing, and sales departments are likely to have input on the features and functions that are most important to them in choosing a content management system – so involve them in that choice.  Your IT team will be building and maintaining your site and they will likely want to know that your content management system easily integrates technology with the design and maintenance of your site.  Your marketing team will use the site to market your product and service, so they’ll need to know that the marketing features offered by your content management system are adequate.  And finally, your sales team will need your content management system to address your unique sales needs, so their input is also important.


Once you have gathered the information from important stakeholders (i.e. your IT, marketing, and sales divisions), you’ll want to prioritize their asks into what is necessary, what is important, and what would be nice to have.  When you have a list of priority features and functions, you’ll more easily be able to choose the right content management system for your business.

Comparing Platforms

Ultimately, there are three types of platforms you can choose from: SaaS, Hosted, and On-Premise platforms.

SaaS content management systems, or Software as a Service Solution, are essentially managed by the provider of the content management system.  This means your maintenance and technical issues are managed and you pay a monthly subscription.  SaaS platforms are ready-to-go and they often benefit from improvements over the lifespan of the system as vendors add or improve features or services.   These systems tend to be feature rich and easy to maintain, but they are not easily customizable.

Hosted content management systems are those that are hosted on a cloud.   You would need to buy a license for these content management systems and install them on leased servers.  Similar to on-premise content management systems, the main difference is these are installed on servers you don’t own.  Hosted systems are deployed quickly, easily scalable, and have low start-up costs.  However, security is dependent on your server host, and long range costs tend to be higher.

Finally, on-premise content management systems also require that you purchase a license and install the software on a server, except that you own the server.  The vendor maintains and updates the software, but you are responsible for installation, security, and upgrades.  On-premise content management systems provide you with improved control and customizability, but you’ll also have the responsibility of maintenance.  These systems have high start-up costs, and scalability can be difficult depending on the systems infrastructure.