Why Cheap SEO can Hurt your Business

Why Cheap SEO can Hurt your Business


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental principle in online marketing that when applied properly can have a significant impact on your business’ online visibility.  Unfortunately, the tools of SEO are always changing, particularly as online search engines’ algorithms are also constantly changing.  As such, you should always rely on experienced SEO professionals for developing and implementing your SEO strategies.  While you can certainly find companies that claim to specialize in SEO and offer to revitalize your site’s SEO on a tight budget, there are consequences to cheap SEO.  Let’s take a closer look at why cheap SEO can hurt your business.

Link Building

Quality content marketing costs money, especially as online marketing has become more sophisticated in the past several years.  When it comes to link building, cheap SEO relies on low quality or spam links that are automatically generated by specialized tools or software.  Unfortunately, these types of low quality links are penalized by search engines such as Google and as such they will negatively impact your search rankings.

Quality Content

Cheap content is usually obviously cheap.  It may feature poor grammar or disorganized content making it unreadable and useless to your site visitors.  This type of content not only reflects poorly on your company, but also encourages your customers to seek more professional alternatives. Invest in content writing services and you will notice improvement in website performance on search engines.

Brand Awareness

Your SEO team should have an in depth understanding and awareness of your company, your product or service, and your brand.  Your website and its content should be developed so that it is consistent with your brand and values.  It is almost impossible to design a robust and unique SEO strategy on a shoestring budget.

Long-Term Success

In a perfect world, SEO would be a one-time investment for a business owner where you develop and implement a strategy and you’re done.  However, this is not the reality we live in.  Certainly, we can see that technology is always changing and this changes the way we use the internet.  Imagine search results from 10 or 15 years ago – they tended to be more generic and very focused on keyword matching.  Today, many factors impact search engine rankings not the least of which is your geographic location.  So, as the way rankings are compiled has changed, and the way we use the internet has changed, the tools and techniques of SEO have also changed.  This requires an ongoing strategy that is regularly refined and updated to reflect current best practices.

The Bottom Line

There’s no question that you’ll find hundreds (likely thousands) of so-called SEO experts offering to create and implement your SEO strategy for as little as a few hundred dollars; however, you should have a lot of questions about the quality and effectiveness of the optimization these firms deliver.  What’s the bottom line?  You always get what you pay for, so look for an SEO firm with extensive experience and testimonials that prove they can talk the talk and walk the walk.


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