Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

One major frustration facing web-preneurs today is building modern-day websites, leaving very few choices other than hiring a professional Vancouver web design team. Many online companies try to gold-plate their DIY template-based designs that are more of a detriment than a money-saving benefit. The over-simplified process of building your own website to cut expenses is enticing to say the least, but is it Google-friendly? Does it meet every requirement? The answer to that has remained the unspoken downfall of cutting corners.

Over 95% of the Internet is used as a small business marketing tool, attracting web traffic, and to connect and deliver a compelling message making web design a crucial component to success. The most integral part of any online marketing arsenal is catering to the audience; how to attract clients, how to communicate and interact with them, how to get them to trust you and compel them to return. That first step in attracting traffic all starts with the web design.

The Advantage of a Professional Vancouver Web Design Team

An enticing web design can:

·         Create a positive image and a distinctive brand

·         Save thousands of dollars in marketing materials

·         Generate tons of web traffic which leads to sales and business around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
On the other hand, poorly designed websites can:

·         Reflect the quality and generate a poor image

·         Limit the marketing reach and distribution

·         Cause customer dissatisfaction thereby limiting sales

Your Path Using a Web Design Team

Year after year, the foremost complaint of online website visitors has been bad navigation, and websites that are poorly structured and unwelcome designs. The client’s initial designer dropped the ball. Users do not want frustrations when visiting a website and it’s the quickest way to send them right over to the competitor.


It all boils down to creating a great user experience. Clearly, many factors contribute to the quality of the user experience. However, research shows that the aesthetics of web design and content directly influence your web traffic.

So, it clearly makes sense today that a customer base depends on how your website looks, doesn’t it?

Customers are never compelled to shop an ugly store so a professional Vancouver web design team ensures your site is appealing.

People have to be inspired to enter into a store and take a look around and a professional web design team ensures your site is compelling to keep them interested.

The success of online marketing goes hand-in-hand with website design. While the design attracts the eye, the message reels them in and will portray the business image in an appealing way. This strategy is what attracts clientele and inspires them to make a purchase.

The bottom line is a website built with the user in mind is more likely to attract the right visitors and turn them into customers. A great website design makes it easy for the customer to navigate and find things and feel upbeat while they’re doing it.


Professional web design teams combine appealing features with a competitive online marketing strategy that delivers value, and your web traffic will explode.