WordPress Platform for Content Management System

WordPress has an established reputation with website owners and search engines that make it a popular choice for anyone looking to update their website. When looking at website design, you want a site that is easy to use with a clean look and numerous features to grow with your business. There are several reasons to consider WordPress design for a new website or to move your current website.

Search Engines Like It

One of the most important factors with website design is getting search engines to accept a site and rank it well. While you must focus on your customers, if they don’t know about your site, they will not visit it. That is why you need a platform that provides the features search engines appreciate.

WordPress code is easier for the search engines to read than other platforms. There are also many SEO plugins you can use to improve your results in searches. WordPress is quick to embrace new SEO standards instead of playing catch-up like so often happens with other platforms.

Numerous Plugins

With more than 19,000 plugins available for WordPress, you can design the most functional website imaginable. This makes it easier to update your website design without having to involve a developer to write code when you want to add a new function to your site. It allows you to play with different features to see which ones enhance your site and which ones are not as valuable to your business.

You can easily build a social network around your company or organization with WordPress or create a forum. In addition, there are thousands of plugins for the backend that no one else will see, but they will make your website run smoother. For instance, WP Super Cache creates static html files to allow for faster caching, which in turn makes for faster page loading.

Open Source

An Open Source platform is one where programmers and developers can make improvements and add new features and functions instead of being limited to a certain company or group. WordPress benefits from being an Open Source platform because changes are made on a regular basis to keep it functioning at its best and offering the latest features before everyone else has them. Plus, there is no licensing cost, which can save a business thousands of dollars.

Less Down Time

No matter how good a platform is, if your site spends much of its time down, you are losing business. Because WordPress runs on Linux, you don’t have to worry about your site crashing in the middle of a task. It also provides improved security to allow you to feel confident that it will be less susceptible to a virus or other safety concerns.

Because WordPress is the top CMS in the world, you know you can trust it for high-quality website design. When you run a business, you can’t afford to come across to customers and competitors as second rate or behind the times. You want to be the leader and WordPress allows you to do that.