Your Website is Ugly – Here is Why

These days, developing a solid web presence isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to accessibility and content, even more so with the majority accessing the web from their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and if it’s a bad one, visitors will move on to your competition.

Designing a website that is attractive, inviting and easy to use doesn’t happen by accident, it takes skill, knowledge and expertise. An ugly website is detrimental to your business, but is something that can be fixed by a Vancouver web design firm that will work with you to achieve the level of success you desire. Read on to find out why your website may be considered ugly.

  • Perpetual motion. Flashy and repetitive animations are distracting and annoying. Scrolling marquee’s, animated gif’s, pop up flash animations, and blinking paid advertisements clutter up your webpages and prevent visitor’s from focusing on your main content.
  • Bad photos. Images that are poorly lit, out of focus or have nothing to do with the theme of your website can make you look like an amateur. That doesn’t mean you have to invest a fortune in a new camera or hire a photographer, but do pay attention to the basics like lighting, clarity and relevance.
  • A need for speed. Show your visitor’s that you value their time with quick loading text and graphics. Whether the issue is oversized images, database issues or a technical glitch, failing to resolve the problem will have your customers scrambling to hit the back button.
  • Bad language. The most basic element on your web pages is the text; poor grammar, spelling and punctuation look unprofessional and may cause visitor’s to lose confidence in your company.
  • Lack of direction. Don’t make visitor’s guess how to navigate your website. Cleverly disguising or hiding navigation buttons may seem edgy, but the key to success is a site that is well organized with clearly defined links and a consistent layout.
  • Mobility issues. Of the 65 percent of cell phone users that have smartphones, almost 100 percent of them use their devices to surf the web. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile use navigation can be difficult if not impossible, forcing visitors to look elsewhere.
  • Funky fonts. Professional web design firms know the value of a readable, scalable font scheme and how they pertain to your branding and image. Common mistakes include:
  • Fonts which are too tiny.
  • Contrasting colors between text and background, making it hard to read.
  • More than three styles of font on a webpage making it look disjointed and chaotic.
  • Autoplay.  Music and videos that play automatically can be an unwelcome distraction. Users that are visiting your website from work or public areas may not appreciate the noise or your love of Beyonce, and would rather choose their own entertainment.
  • The pop-up. Landing on a webpage only to have another jump out at you is an annoyance, and the traffic you lose won’t make up for the paltry ad revenue or handful of email subscribers.
  • An unattractive palette. Conflicting patterns, retina burning color schemes and bad contrast are among the key offenders of ugly web design. Color sets the mood and tone of your website and should be chosen to complement, not compete with your content.

Poor web design choices can have a negative impact on business, and cost you thousands in lost revenues. Hiring a Vancouver web design firm to create a positive user experience is a great investment in the future of your company.