Best Ecommerce Platforms for Startups

Best Ecommerce Platforms for Startups

As quickly as you can create an ecommerce website, the game seems to change.  The online marketplace is a rapidly evolving entity, and as a business owner you obviously want to be sure that you can maintain your competitive edge.  If you’re considering ecommerce platforms for your startup, you may be feeling overwhelmed – there are a lot of options to choose from.  So, in an effort to eliminate some of the guess work, let’s review some of the best ecommerce platforms for startups.


One of the more popular ecommerce platforms for online business owners, Shopify is easy to use and helps you keep up with trends in online shopping.  Hosting more than 325,000 online shops, Shopify offers a range of benefits for startups.  Not only does Shopify include more than 100 mobile-friendly themes and over 1500 plugins and extensions, it also allows you to sell products through Facebook.  It even offers round-the-clock support by chat or telephone.


A mainstay in the ecommerce world, Volusion was first launched almost 20 years ago and to date hosts more than 40,000 online shops.  Volusion is a versatile platform that is used by an impressive array of industries because it offers a complete range of built-in features and functions.  If you doubt your tech skills, Volusion may be the ideal platform for you – it offers customizable templates and detailed guides and tutorials to help you make the most of your ecommerce site.  In addition, Volusion boasts no transaction fees on sales and you can sell directly by syncing your store through Facebook, Amazon, and eBay.


If you’re looking for a multi-vendor ecommerce platform, YoKart is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to operate an online marketplace in the vein of Etsy or eBay.  With loads of features to choose from and a mobile-friendly approach, YoKart is the most efficient multi-vendor platform currently available.  You’ll benefit from a built-in analytics tool and responsive theme and Android marketplace app as well as user manuals, FAQs, and video tutorials to help you get up and running.


PrestaShop is a free ecommerce platform that serves somewhere in the vicinity of 250,000 online stores.  As a self-hosted ecommerce platform, business owners with knowledge about web development can create their online store very affordably with PrestaShop.  However, there are not many features and functions available through PrestaShop.  Still, it’s a totally free ecommerce solution that is intuitive and mobile-ready.  Getting started guides and training documents help you develop skills to create your ideal site.

Obviously, there are a lot of ecommerce platforms available for business owners today and ultimately the best platform will depend on your business needs, your technical acumen, and your budget.  Still, with a little careful consideration, you’re sure to find an ecommerce platform that works for you and your business.