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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WORDPRESS WEBSITE? WE CAN HELP! WordPress is is the perfect web solution for small businesses and can be integrated within reasonable timeline depending on your requirements.

WordPress has a lot of plugins that can be used for your website design & development. Some of plugins are used for online e-commerce, responsive design, secured portals and much more. If you are looking for a fast and effective web solution, WordPress should be your number one choice.


Discovery: Discover process involves market research to gain insight and understanding of your current problems, marketplace conditions and your brand positioning. We will identify critical success factors. We will ask you “Who is your ideal customer?”

Strategy: After we get all the answers to our questions about your target market, design elements and development requirements, we will develop effective WordPress design & development solution that will meet your needs.

WordPress Design: In this phase, we will create a few visual design concepts of your website, brand guidelines will integrated into design look and feel. By the end of this phase, a clear representation of your website emerges, ready for your review and approval.

Development: WordPress development is the one of the important components of your strategy. We will convert   design into the functional WordPress website, integrate plugins,  and make sure that your website loads fast and has no problems with usability.

CMS Training: We provide Content Management System (CMS) training at no additional cost to all of our clients. Training covers WordPress management in house, adding, editing and deleting a content, security updates and other fun things.

Management: If you are selling online, we will integrate e-commerce plugins into your website to make your life easier. There are a lot of WordPress ecommerce solutions available for you to choose. Just ask.

Ongoing promotion: It doesn’t end after your WordPress website goes life, we are committed to your success, so we are offering different solutions to drive qualified traffic and potential customers to your business. After all isn’t why you came to us in the first pace?


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